Well. What a... different kind of year 2020 has been for us all.

Did we expect this? Of course not, and it caught us all by surprise.

There has been a negative aspect to this year undoubtedly, but I’ve also gained many positives in 2020 also.

Let me share my thoughts...

2020 has (thankfully) had its positives for me.

Negatives aside. 2020 was the year in which I invested (well from about June/July onwards) a good chunk of my time and resources on building up my own little corner of the web (marcandrew.me).

It’s something I’d been meaning to do for many years, after many false-starts and half-assed attempts.

I’d always had other projects on the go that didn’t enable me to devote enough time to really build up my own personal blog, and really go all in.

2020 gave me some valuable time back.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed putting out a fresh, new article every single week. Even though it takes time, and dedication to come up with something of value every time.

From reading some of your comments on the articles found here, I can see that you’ve benefited from what I’ve had to say, and that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day.

Thanks so much for your support, and kind words in 2020, and I look forward to bringing you so much more in 2021. I’ve got some great articles planned out already.

If you have any suggestions for articles that you’d like to see in 2021, please let me know in the comments.

Here’s to a better (and much happier) 2021 for all of us!

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Thanks for reading the article,
Marc Andrew.

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