Good artists copy. Great artists copy, but improve things.

Good artists copy. Great artists copy… but improve on things. It’s all about how you can take someone else's ideas, but make them much, much better.

Ignore the designer-speak. Let your work do the talking.

Don't in any way feel that you're in some way inferior to those folks that constantly chat designer-speak here, there, and everywhere. Let me explain more...

2020 Wrap up. Here’s to (a better) 2021.

What a different kind of year 2020 has been for us all. There's been a negative aspect to this year but I’ve also gained many positives in 2020 also. Let me share my thoughts...

18 Famous Design Quotes to inspire you.

In this article I've compiled a few of my favourite design quotes that will hopefully inspire you and ignite your creativity.

The Ultimate Figma Resource Archive (2020).

I've come across many Plugins, Tutorials, Tips and more... that I feel can definitely help you on your Figma learning journey and I've compiled them all in one place for you.

7 Super-Handy Figma Tips.

In this article I've compiled a handful of quick, and easy tips to help speed up your design workflow when working in Figma.

Should Designers at least understand how code works?

As a UI Designer having an understanding of how code works is not always a must but it’s a darn good thing to have at your disposal.

What Designers can learn from Copywriters.

UX Designers can learn a fair amount from Copywriters. User attention spans are getting shorter and the art of crafting the right words is so important than ever before.

The UI & UX Tips Collection: Volume One.

34 easy to put into practice UI & UX Tips that can help improve both your designs (UI), and user experience (UX).

Freelancer? Remember, your reputation is everything.

In this article I share my thoughts on why a great reputation is a key element of a freelancers brand and should never be neglected.