If you know that your Target Audience might be accustomed to a UI that is a little different from the norm, then you can create something that dares to be a little different.

It may not always have the best Usability practices in mind, but can still bring them a great User Experience.

Let me explain some more...

It comes down to what your site is about, and who your Target Audience is.

The vast majority of users, when using your Site, or App, want to get from point A to point B with the minimum of cognitive effort. Get in. Get out. Zero confusion. No left-field oddities required, thank you very much!

But sometimes, just sometimes (and when done right) it’s nice to throw in a little curve ball to keep the user’s neurones doing a slightly awkward dance, but only if they’re the kind of audience that would be accepting of that.

It all comes down to what your site is about, and who your Target Audience is.

If you’re trying to create a product for a new eCommerce Startup, you need to know that your Target Audience want it clean, simple, no crazy s**t, and hitting a 10 on the Usability scale. If you think some totally abstract navigation menu, and an artsy 60 second video at the top of the page is going to put a smile on their face well you’re quite mistaken, this is not what that kind of audience has become accustomed to, and would find acceptable.

But if you’re creating a site for a ‘So achingly cool it hurts’ Ad Agency in NYC then you know the Target Audience should feel right at home with something that’s a little different from the norm. They’re wired to understand that Usability may be neglected at the expense of good looks, and quirky navigation methods. They just get it, and accept it.

You can dare to be different if that’s what your Target Audience is expecting.

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