Ah good old White Space. One of the simplest things to add to your designs to improve both your UIs, and user experience.

Let me share my (quick) thoughts with you on why you need to use it generously, and show it some love.

Allow the message of your site or app room to breathe.

It makes me weep into my pillow (with rounded corners of course) when I see UIs bursting at the seams with masses of information crammed into such a small area.

The message of your Website or Mobile App has no room to breathe, and this in turn has your user gasping for air as they try to digest the information that’s in front of them.

A neon sign with the word 'Breathe' in pink lettering

Of course there’s times when an abundance of the white stuff is just not practical.

Amazon for example couldn’t apply a ridiculous amount of White Space to their UI. They’ve got a lot of products, and a small shop window to display it all in. Too much White Space is money right?

A small robot made from Amazon cardboard boxes

But for many other types of sites, the generous use of something as simple as White Space can bring your message across much easier, present a more professional looking and polished UI, and make for a much better experience for the user.

Like I mentioned, it’s one of the easiest things to implement inside of your designs, and can take any UI from average to ‘Hot Damn!’ with minimal effort.

Use it generously. Use it well. Your UIs (and end-users) will thank you for it.

Thanks for reading the article,
Marc Andrew.

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